About Merch Design Club

If you’re looking for designs or designers to help you take your POD business rocketing through the sky, you’ve come to the right place. Merch Design Club Shop is where you can buy quick designs 24/7.

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What files would i get if i purchase a design?

You’ll get 4500×5400 Png file and 4500×4050 Hoodie file of your design.

Is Subscription fee monthly?

We are providing monthly and annual subscription both.

How much do you charge for designs?

We charge 10-30$ for our designs depending upon the complexity of designs.

Do you check for trademarks?

Yes, we check all our designs for trademarks but We always advice our customers to check for trademarks once again before uploading the design. In case we miss something or there is some fault in a design we will revise it or you can get a replacement.

Are designs sold to one person only?

Yes, all designs are exclusively sold to only one person. That means if you buy a design it will be removed from the shop right away.

Do you charge less for bulk deals?

Yes, we can negotiate the price if you’re considering to order in bulk.

What if i find a typo in my design?

If you find a typo in any of our designs, you can contact us and we will send you a revision for that design within a few hours. However, if you like a design and need similar design with some tweaks, you can order a custom design.